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Some Famous Denmark Brands and companies are following:

Famous Denmark Companies:

Famous Denmark Brands:
1)Chewing gum : Gumlink Company under a lot of trade names such as:
. Dirol
. Cadbury chocolate
. Lion chocolate bar
. Schweppes Beverage
. 7UP Beverage
. Canada Dry Beverage
. Halls
. Snapple Juice
. Fertin Pharma

2) Beef Meat: Danish Crown. Under trade name:

3) Emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavorings, sweeteners : Danisco

4) Non alcoholic Beer : Carlsberg.

5) Milk, cheese, butter and milk powder :
-Arla Foods Company under several trade names such as:
-Danu Brand
-Milex Brand
-Puck Cheese
-Three Cows Brand
-Rosenborg Brand
-Lurpak Butter

6) Medicine : Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Oticon

7) Electronics and Technology :TDC, GN Store Nord, Bang & Olufsen; Nielsen & Nielsen, Grundfos

8) Toys : The famous bard LEGO

9) Porcelain, glass and silver Products :Royal Scandinavia

10) Lightings and lamps : Louis Poulsen

11) Agriculture : Cheminova

12) Hotel : Radisson SAS

NOTE: Nido & Anchor are not Denmark Products In addition, to detect the products of Denmark & Norway, you should check the barcode on the Product.

The Barcode GSI prefix [first three numbers in barcode] for Denmark & Norway are as follow:
1. 570-579 GS1 Denmark
2. 700-709 GS1 Norway

For example the following barcode is of one of the product of Denmark: 5 78016691670 [first three numbers 578 showing its a product of Denmark]

For details about GSI Barcode visit:


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